Elite Home Tutor Ghana is innovative reliable, and result oriented

A home tutor is a professional who engages a student on a private one-on-one basis with the purpose to improve the academic performance of the student. Elite home tutor Ghana offers Cambrigde home tuition and homeschooling.


Elite home tutor is a highly qualified and experienced professional  with a mission to peak the academic performance of his/her student.

In addition, our home tutors are not only experienced, but are patient and practice-oriented.  They ensure that our students are familiar with ‘complex’ and challenging concepts. Due to this, our students strength is built as they approach questions with much more confidence and skill

We provide Cambridge home tuition in Ghana and home schooling for Cambridge education programmes. These programmes start from primary, secondary and to advanced pre-university years. The Cambridge programmes/curricula are IGCSE, O Level, AS & A Levels. Elite Home Tutor Ghana also specialises in programmes such as IB, Cambridge Checkpoints, SOS Admission Exam prep.

Moreover, Elite Home Tutors Ghana prides in our dedication to the excellence and success of our students.. We are patient to explain those challenging topics that your child may have difficulty with during normal Cambridge IGCSE, O Level, AS& A Levels school sessions.


Moreso, our home tutors specialise in intensive one-on-one with our students. As a result, this ensure success in their academics. Most classroom teachers may be in a hurry to complete their course plan, and thus, less time to focus on few struggling students. So elite home tutors has made it a point to dedicate our experience and focus to those struggling students.

Also, our professional and elite tutors are well positioned with in depth experience so as to solve every academic challenge.  We ensure that your child understands the most crucial concepts. Hence, we create the right inspiration for your child’s success.

We also offer online tuition and online home schooling

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Elite Home Tutor is able to identify the strengths as well as weaknesses of our students, and work to address  the challenges of our students. For one-on-one with an Elite Home Tutor Ghana, Call 0205287960 or 0242631520