Online tuition in Ghana

Online tuition in Ghana engages students one-on-one without being in the same room. This is equally effective as the in-person tuition as the tutor and student are face-to-face but not physically. 

Tuition Platform

Online tuition in Ghana employs state of the art online platform and a great team of tutors and teachers to make your learning experince unforgetable.


The online platform enables both the teacher and student to see each other,  share a whiteboard where both teacher and student can sketch, draw, type. they can share powerpoint screens and even annotate the same screen.

One a student is registered, online platform helps us to easily access courses, get feedback on assignments quizes, exercises, and allows the teacher to grade our students. parents can can track progress of their wards by having their own login credentials.

With our Online tuition in Ghana, we teach Cambridge IGCSE, AS & A Level, O Level, Checkpoint, SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, Entrance Exams prep etc.

online tutors ghana

Online tuition in Ghana has seen a boost in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. With the new social distancing protocols and schools closed. Most parents are looking at ways to get their children learning and not “rotting” at home. This is when online tuition presents itself as a solution.Ghana’s infrastructural development has helped improve internet penetration. This has made it more possible for students and teachers to meet online. Schools and home tuition organisations such as Elite Home Tutors have spearheaded this approach. This is to ensure that our students are continually getting that uninterrupted quality one-on-one lessons they have always enjoyed.

Efficiency of Online tuition in Ghana

With 4G connectivity provided by some internet service providers, online tuition is more than effective. Platforms like zoom and online tutors Ghana become more accessible than ever.
Hopefully, this pandemic ends early enough to get back to our old ways of doing things. But with the new normal, learning can still be easy and effective for your children and teachers.

Fastforward into the future, the mode of learning and instruction is going to change. We will be more receptive of remote online learning and be very use to it. COVID-19 has presented the opportiunity to be innovative as our usual ways of life has been disrupted as we embrace the new normal.