Elite Home Tutors offers Cambridge Home Tuition in Accra and home schooling services for Cambridge IGCSE, O Level, AS & A Levels, IB (PYP, MYP, IBDP) .

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Cambridge Home Tuition in Accra

 We are the top Cambridge Home Tution experts in Accra Ghana and its environs. We offer Cambridge home tuition in Accra and homeschooling for Cambridge IGCSE, O Level, AS & A Levels, IBDP and MYP. Our services help to identify your child’s weaknesses and strengths; and work on them. Then we assist them to excel in their academics.

 Cambridge Home Schooling

Also, we provide home schooling services in Greater Accra including Tema. Our  Cambridge home schooling is known for excellence and is available for all grades and for all subjects.  

Why Parents choose home schooling

  • Parents may want to focus on a particular academic plan.
  • A chlid may need special education.

Moreover, our tutors will meet you at your home at your preferred times. We usually do Cambridge, mostly loacated in Accra, so we are just a call away. Call us now to enjoy the best learning experience at your door only within 48 hours. Our tutors are experienced and have  in depth knowledge of the British and American (international) curriculum in Ghana. As a result, the success of our students is paramount.

We specialise in both local (BECE, WASSCE) and international (IGCSE, IB, A Level, O Level) curriculum. Urgent appointments are also available.  

We engage in supervision, and we monitor the progress made by our students. We put emphasis not only on short term but also long term impact sessions. Therefore, the spirit of hardwork goes on with our students. 

Furthermore, our tutors are practice oriented and we engage in numerous tests and mocks to prepare and ensure that our students are ever ready for any academic challenge.

Academic Levels

Our areas of focus are both local and international. We engage in WASSCE and BECE. We also do International curricula such as IGCSE, INTERNATIONAL BACALAUREATE( IBDP, MYP, PYP), A LEVEL, O LEVEL, CAMBRIDGE CHECKPOINTS, SOS ENTRANCE EXAMS PREP,  SAT, IELTS, TOEFL.

Elite home tutors are Cambridge home tutors in Accra and we ensure that our students are well prepared for their tests. Therefore, our students are equip to excel in their Cambridge Checkpoints, IGCSE,  O, A & AS Level Exams as well as their IB exams. We also give consultation on our students education prospects.


Our subjects are; Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, ICT, Art and Design, Physics, French and any other subject.With Elite Home Tutors, your academic success is Assured!


Elite Home Tutors Ghana has elite professionals on the top of their fields to help with your  SOS ADMISSION PREP, SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL or any other test prep you need to prepare for.